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KMM Views: Hobbies – Why We Need to Keep Gaining New Ones

By October 16, 2017 No Comments

While I must admit a “Professional Series” of toilet tissue is somewhat intimidating, it does bring up a good point of how anyone can turn the most mundane thing into a hobby that they can work to master…no matter how weird it may seem. Since I’ve recently completed my MBA, I’ve found that I have a little more free time on my hands than before, and like any over-achieving, can’t sit still, always looking for something else to HAVE to do- type, I’ve decided to take up a few hobbies to help fill that time.  While there are many people who would ask why don’t I just enjoy the free time I have in my life and “sit back relax and enjoy the show,” I’m just not simply wired that way.  As I’ve learned about myself in my 35 years on this planet, when I sit around and just do nothing productive, I feel like I am slowly killing myself and all my dreams for the future. Therefore, I am forced to find something to fill this time that I think will help me work toward the ultimate life that I want to live at some point. With that being said, there are also three other VERY good reasons, why one should add new hobbies to one’s life when possible.


The intrigue that the Dos Equis’s commercial “Most Interesting Man in the World” generates is not created because he is the most handsome, strongest, or smartest man in the world. The intrigue comes from his seemingly many life experiences that gives him a perspective and ability that many people would love to have.  We all have the ability to create these perspectives in our lives, but it takes consistent dedication to learning and mastering something new to be able to do so.  For many, hobbies start off a something they do for fun, in which they demonstrate little to no natural ability. However, as they spend more time focusing on it and improving, they begin to master this hobby and eventually can move from the category of hobby to that of skill.  And the more “skills” we possess, often the more interesting and valuable we make ourselves to the world.


As most people know by now, the brain is, in fact, a muscle.  Like any other muscles you have, the less you use it, the weaker it becomes.  Also, like your other muscles, when you do the same routine over and over again, it has the ability to adapt to get used to the routine exercise and is not challenged enough to push itself beyond its usual limits and continue to grow. This is why many people plateau in the gym even though they are working out as much ,if not more, than they were in the past. To rectify this, one has to continually switch up her/his exercise routine to shock the body back into growing mode by having to master something new. If one doesn’t do this consistently, even the muscle one has already attained could be in danger of beginning to deteriorate. When we are young, everything is new, therefore we are consistently working out our cerebral cortex (that part of the brain that is associated with learning and memory) and it grows tremendously. As we age, however, and create automatic habits with associated tasks, we don’t have to use this part of our brain as much, as our body’s responses are put on autopilot.  This is one of the reasons that many people begin to lose their ability to remember things as they age. By adding new hobbies to your plate every so often, you ensure that you are consistently keeping the cerebral cortex working and fully engaged as you age – something I guarantee you will be thankful for down the road.


For some of us, we don’t have the opportunity to truly pick what we want to do every day for work. However, when it comes to your hobby, of course you are going to choose something that you generally enjoy doing and having a passion for.  By adding hobbies to our life, we add a little extra measure of control to how we spend our time and ensure that we are working towards something that is helping us make our dream-life a reality, as opposed to dream-life of the CEO/Founder of the company for which you work.  There is nothing better than picking a hobby at which you initially were terrible and watch as you get better, day by day, to the point in which you can look back on where you started and truly feel proud of the commitment and dedication you made to accomplish something you truly desired.  By making personal hobby attainment part of your life, you ensure that you are in control of the investment of your time for the creation of your personal, ideal future.

Free time – We only have so much of it.  Therefore, we have to always make sure we are using it wisely.  And while we could use it to lounge around the house and kill time watching television or going out and hanging with friends, it could much better serve us to make an investment in ourselves to pick up a hobby or two that will help us create a more lively and vivid future.  Besides, who knows if that hobby of yours could eventually turn into a million dollar idea that could change your life forever. It did for these people.  Happy Hobbying!