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KMM Views: Why You Should Eliminate TRY From Your Vocabulary…AND How to Fix it.

By October 15, 2017 No Comments

Earlier this week, I shared on LinkedIn the thought on how you can’t TRY to do something. You either DO or you DON’T. (Just so everyone knows, I was quickly reminded by the Star Wars lovers out there that this was not a Ken M. Middleton original but an adaptation from Yoda in Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back…great movie, BTW). The reality of this statement came to me one night when I was talking to someone who made a statement that they were going to “try” to get up the next morning to work out. I thought about how this statement sounded and it hit me hard how defeating such a word as TRY is when it comes to accomplishing goals and tasks. There are several reasons you should completely eliminate try from your vocabulary if you ever want to change your life and accomplish your goals.


The tricky thing about the word TRY is that it subconsciously gives you an out by letting you off the hook if you don’t go through with it. By saying you will TRY, you are already patting yourself on the back for the attempt without really doing anything to earn that. By considering it and saying you will attempt to do something, a part of your mind will actually feel a sense of accomplishment by putting the possibility in your head and when that moment comes and you don’t do it, you’ll still feel as if you made a step in the right direction by considering it. Inherently, the word try seems to fall on the side of NOT doing something, rather than actually going through with it. Think about if you told your daughter or son that they needed to make sure they get all their homework done before going out to play, and they said, “I’ll TRY to get it all done.” Or what would you think if you asked your friend is she could pick you up from work since your car broke down, and she replied with, “I’ll TRY to pick you up.” Or how about if the response to the ultimate commitment of loving someone through sickness and health, good times and bad, and being faithful forever was, “I’ll TRY my best.” We wouldn’t accept these responses in these situations from others, so why do we give ourselves an out by telling ourselves we’ll TRY to do things rather than committing to them?


The mind is one of the most complicated, yet at the same time, simple creations in the world. It is complicated in that there are many things that will cause us to do the unexplainable when you comes to fear, nervousness, and our behavior in certain situations, but there is also a simplicity to it that will allow you to hack the negative and weak thoughts in your life and overcome it with positivity and strength. As “woo-woo” as many people consider The Secret with it lessons of the law of attraction and speaking things into your life, it was one of the books that changed my life in 2010 when I first read it. (No idea what “woo-woo” means? Please click here.) It seems a little comical, but there is something truly real about speaking what you desire and not allowing negative words to come out of your mouth. When you say the word “try,” your brain is already 75% sure you are not going to do it. Even though you feel like you are 50/50, more times than not, your brain knows your patterns from the past and knows the word TRY means you’re probably NOT going to do it. Think about it. If someone ask you if you could do five push-ups, (hopefully), you would respond, “Absolutely. No problem.” But if someone asked you if you could 50 push-ups, most would probably respond with, “I can TRY,” because you’re actually in doubt of your ability to do it. Your brain knows this, so when you throw the word TRY in front of something you actually want to do, your brain is automatically putting it into the doubt category, which is more on the 75% side of you NOT doing rather than the inverse. It’s really that simple.


Many people use the word “try” all the time without giving it a second thought, as it appears as innocuous as any other word in the English vocabulary, but if you want different results for your life, you have to be okay with NOT doing what MOST people do. To some, saying they are going to do something rather than “trying” to do it, may seem like bragging and feel a bit awkward. But the truth of the matter is that there are very few people who have the confidence in themselves to be so forthright with their belief in their own ability to be great. Say what you want about Lavar Ball. He may not be as politically correct or polished as he should be, but what he does have is an extreme confidence in his boys and what they can do. I’ve never heard him utter the word “try” when it comes to what he believes they will do. He doesn’t say they will “try” to be great players or they will “try” to get the first billion dollar shoe deal. He says they WILL. And while I must admit, I don’t see anyone with a good sane mind paying $495 for shoes of someone who hasn’t played ONE GAME in the NBA, you have to respect his bravado and confidence to be different. (BTW, we all know there are more than a few “questionably sane” people in the world, so someone will buy them. Don’t believe me? Click here.) By eliminating “try” from your vocabulary, you will sound different to others and may feel like your “faking the funk” because you may not feel the confidence that you are feigning. However, your mind will catch on and you’ll notice your actions start to follow if you TRULY embrace it.

TRY. Such a sweet and innocent word that so many people use each and every day. However, if you’re not careful, it can be the one word that is holding you back from truly achieving all of your hopes and dreams. So how do you fix this? Easy. Just replace the phrase, “I’m going to try” with either “I WILL” or “I HAVE TO.” So instead of saying “I’m going to try to make six figures next year,” say “I WILL make six figures next year.” Instead of saying, “I’m going to try to wake up early to go to the gym tomorrow morning,” say “I HAVE TO wake up early to go to the gym tomorrow morning.” And while, I’m not saying that this is the be-all and end-all to you overcoming all of your obstacles, it will at least eliminate one that you are creating for yourself.