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KMM Views: Why You Should NOT wait to Become an Entrepreneur

By October 15, 2017 No Comments

So last week was my six month anniversary of being an entrepreneur, and I must say that it has been a great past six months. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, as you hear so many negative things about the difficulties of starting your own business, but it has been a much more pleasant experience than I thought it would be. The freedom that entrepreneurship gives you is hard to put into words. It’s not just the physical freedom that comes with being able to work from anywhere at anytime, but it’s also the mental freedom that comes with not having to feel trapped with WHAT you can or can’t do and HOW you can do things. It’s knowing that you are in control of your own destiny and you don’t have to kiss anyone’s “heiny” in office politics to feel you have a chance to be successful. It has also opened up my mind to think much more creatively on a daily basis since there are so many options for me to be successful. It’s been such a marvelous things that my ONLY regret is that I wish I would’ve done this (in some capacity) much sooner, and if you’re thinking that entrepreneurship is for you, there are a few good reasons why you should start down that pathTODAY.


Look. I understand that I’m only six months in and six months from now, I might be eating these words as my business fails miserably. However, I just cannot see that happening when I look at how things have progressed over the past six months and what I see coming in the future. What I’ve learned from running my own enterprise is that there are a number of mistakes that one will make over the course of time, but if you are someone who have decent analytical ability, you should be able to learn from those mistakes and improve your business model almost daily. I’ve changed my approach to how to pursue success consistently over the course of these past six months and feel every day that I am moving closer and closer to a successful focus. As long as you are careful in your launch by not committing too much capital and time to ONE idea and are open to new ideas to be flexible on what you can and cannot do, you will have a solid chance of being successful. Actually, what I’ve realized is that the responsibilities of my previous job was much more time consuming and strenuous than what I’m currently doing, so the day to day activities are much easier and more tied to increasing my own net worth as opposed to someone else’s. But I know what you’re thinking. Entrepreneurship is something that you don’t feel that you have enough knowledge yet to partake. A secret that many people don’t realize is that MOST entrepreneurs didn’t have the knowledge needed to be successful when they started their first business. This brings us to point number two.





So far, what I’ve learned about entrepreneurship is the ideas that you think are golden are not and things that you probably never would’ve thought about will begin to present themselves as great opportunities over time. I don’t think being an successful entrepreneur is about being the smartest person in the world but rather about being wise enough to be flexible and listen to what your market/industry is telling you about your business plan. Since I’ve began this journey, I have completely abandoned certain parts of my business plan, while also identifying opportunities that I would’ve never identified before had I not STARTED to execute the plan. The reality is that as an entrepreneur, you are going to make lots of mistakes, but it’s actually in the making of these mistakes that you will come across the best ideas that will bring success. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world failed NUMEROUS time before learning the lessons it took to become a successful entrepreneur, so if you delay getting started, then you’re inevitably delaying your success. It’s like not knowing how to swim correctly but yet refusing to get in the water because you’ll feel you’ll learn later or wait for a better time. How will you EVER learn if you don’t just jump in the damn water. This brings us to point number three.






This is the trap that most people fall in. They look at all the responsibilities they have as a parent, spouse, care-taker, etc. and convince themselves that they need to wait until such and such graduates or they have x amount of money in the bank. And while I’m not denying that going “full blown” entrepreneurship does require consideration of financial stability and time commitment, there is nothing that says you can’t start something part-time to get the learning going. This is the mistake many people have when they take a ALL or NOTHING mentality. Just establishing your own LLC and starting something part-time can be a great first step to get things going. What occurs when you go through the process of establishing your own company, identifying branding, and thinking like an owner is that your entire mentality changes in regards to how you approach your life. You will stop thinking like an employee and begin thinking like an owner and will automatically begin searching for ways that you can go from just doing it part-time to going all-in full time to live the life you desire.

Entrepreneurship. It can definitely be scary for some, as the risk you take when you step out on own your own seems significant when you may have so many other responsibilities to consider. However, if you are smart about how you pursue your business and are willing to take small steps before you take the big jump to total freedom, you will increase your chances of success greatly. But you don’t want to wait on the perfect time to get started. The perfect time to do almost anything doesn’t truly exist. However, the time to stop spending all your energy and effort making other people’s dreams come true and start spending more time making your own dreams a reality, by betting on yourself, seems perfect TODAY.