The sYgm (Should YOU Get Married) podcast is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. In Ken’s opinion, the concept of marriage has been one of the great enigmas of human society. While so many people may be able to claim success in so many different areas of their lives, marriage is the one area that regardless of how successful the rest of one’s life is, there is no guarantee she/he will be successful at marriage.

The different lessons that one must learn to have a successful marriage have been those “hard to learn” lessons in which it seems you must actually go through it just to learn them. Not anymore.

With the sYgm podcast, you get to listen to the stories of ordinary people who learned all the tough lessons of what it takes for a successful marriage and can share them with you, so you cannot make the same mistakes they did.

And while Ken has his personal view on the matter, the ultimate purpose of the podcast is for YOU to be able to answer this life-changing question for yourself. Click on this link to listen and go to your Itunes podcast app, Google Play Music app, or Stitcher app to subscribe and review!

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